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Dispute Resolution Consultants: Specializing in conflict resolution, our firm provides resources to help organizations resolve disputes, preserving relationships, improving communication, and enhancing productivity.


ADS provides neutral and impartial workplace mediation services to help employees resolve conflicts and reach mutually satisfactory agreements.

Conflict Resolution & Negotiation Training

Conflict resolution and negotiation training provides individuals with the skills to effectively resolve conflicts in the workplace, as well as the tools and techniques to help them pursue their interests and foster better communication and relationships.


ADS provides organizational ombuds services to companies and their workers to help assist individuals improve their work environment. This works by addressing and resolving workplace concerns and disputes in a safe, confidential, independent, informal and impartial manner.

About Us

Adler Dispute Solutions, founded under the belief that alternative dispute resolution can assist individuals and organizations, serves as premier dispute resolution consultants. We believe this approach fosters and preserves better relationships between parties. Our mission is to empower individuals and organizations by providing quality, empathetic, and creative alternative dispute resolution services and training.

We strive to be the leading alternative dispute resolution firm, delivering quality services and assisting others in resolving their conflicts.

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Adler Dispute Solutions

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Client Popular Questions

1. What are the benefits of using workplace conflict mediation within organizations?

Workplace conflict mediation offers a cost-effective, time-efficient way to boost employee productivity, help reduce conflict-related costs, and improve employee engagement and retention. It also helps empower an organization to maintain harmony and ensure sustained growth.

Workplace conflicts cost companies an average of $359 billion per year.  Using third-party resolution ensures that energy and time are conserved, redirecting resources back to core business activities. This can help an organization in cutting conflict-related costs. In addition, organizations that provide third-party resolution for their employees help foster a work environment where every individual feels genuinely valued and heard.

Thus, third-party mediation can be seen as an effective way for companies to help employees resolve conflicts, be productive, and ensure their well-being.

2. How can workplace conflict resolution training help my organization?

Conflict resolution training addresses existing conflicts, while also serving as a proactive measure to help resolve and prevent future conflicts from arising in the workplace. Our training helps individuals gain the skills and knowledge to help them resolve conflict on their own(self-mediation), which can lead to improved communication between workers, increased productivity, a reduction in the number of workplace conflicts, and an overall positive workplace culture. ADS also trains leaders and managers to mediate conflicts between employees. 

This can help organizations show that they care and value their employees, which can result in significant cost savings for an organization concerning costs associated with negative brand reputation and  litigation, absenteeism,  resenteeism, quiet quitting, rage quitting, and employee turnover.

3. How can improving my negotiation skills help me with my business?

Improving negotiation skills can help small business owners and startup founders manage conflicts, increase profitability, secure better deals, mitigate risk, improve cost- management, improve employee relations and foster and preserve business relationships. This leads to increased revenue, cost savings and gaining a competitive edge within their market.

4. What is an Organizational Ombuds, and what value does it add to my organization?

An organizational ombuds is an independent, impartial, neutral, and confidential resource within an organization that assists employees and stakeholders in addressing workplace concerns, conflicts, and disputes. The ombuds provides employees a safe space to discuss their concerns, and explore options for resolution. An Ombud listens and coaches your employees in resolving conflict.

At ADS, we work in tandem with and as a supplement to formal channels within a company, such as human resources, legal and compliance. This helps build and improve workplace culture , by promoting fairness and improving trust. Ombuds also add value to companies by helping stakeholders identify systemic patterns and trends. This can help organizations prevent brand and reputation damage, as well as potential litigation.

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